Seamlessly Integrate Your WordPress Website With Jackrabbit Class

The easiest way to display your Jackrabbit data on a WordPress website.


Display Your Classes, Seamlessly.

Question & Answer

Allow potential parents to walk through a step-by-step question and answer process to send them to the correct class.

Calendar View

Display your entire schedule in a beautiful calendar view to allow potential parents to see all you have to offer.

Multiple Students At Once!

Allow parents to add multiple students to the calendar to see what class times overlap so they don’t have to make multiple trips.

Category View

Shows a list of each of your categories with an image, description and an option to learn more about the class.


Easy tracking user

Maximize it and know what time most users are active. Knowing the user’s active hours can make it easier for you to reach users.

Know your user by numbers

You can check the number of users, revenue, conv rate, and sessions of your website. Maximize this feature and you can have more control over your website.

Connect with many tools

Asana is a web and mobile “work management” platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

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What our customers say about us

John Kirk

John Kirk

Little Otter Swim

The integration provided by happyclass worked exactly how I envisioned it to work.  We needed one specific feature to exist, the ability to add multiple students, and they were able to find a quick and easy solution to make it work.  I highly recommend this for any swim school that utilizes Jackrabbit + WordPress!


What Our Customers are Saying

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